Tommy Wood

Tommy has been tattooing professionally since 2010 and specializes in black and gray realism/dark art. His artwork is so recognizable to collectors that it has won many awards and has been published in magazines. He opened White Wolf Tattoo in Hazlet, NJ and can be found there six days a week when he is not on the road.

Tommy travels often to tattoo conventions meeting new clients and learning from other artists who share the same interests. When he is not tattooing his artwork continues on other media such as canvas oil paintings, charcoal and digital artwork.

One of Tommy’s biggest accomplishments is the trust and loyalty that he has established with his clients over the years.

He is thankful for clients that allow him the artistic freedom to create custom artwork and for their patience and understanding of his busy schedule. Be sure to follow Tommy on social media to keep up with the latest projects and potentially catch him at a convention near you.

How do I get tattooed by Tommy?

To be tattooed by Tommy, Please fill out the Tattoo Request Form with as much detail as possible about your tattoo idea.

Tommy will then review the requests that he receives and determine based on your email which projects he is interested in taking on. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests that Tommy receives, he is unable to respond to every email or take on every project that is presented to him. If your idea triggers his interest, we will email you to set up an appointment. If he feels your idea you requested is better suited for another artist in the shop he will send you a referral for that artist.

Larger themed projects on blank skin normally receive scheduling priority. Tommy is looking for clients that are dedicated to put forth the time and financial investment that is necessary for them to receive the best possible tattoo. The majority of projects Tommy takes on are full day sessions so be prepared and well rested. Half day sessions are also available depending on the tattoo idea.

To schedule an appointment a $200 NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee is required and will be deducted from the total cost. This non-refundable payment is for the booking/consultation process and to secure your date and time on the calendar. If you do not show up for your appointment, last minute reschedule, or cancellation you forfeit your payment and a new booking fee will be required to schedule a new session. It is your responsibility to arrive on time, show up and make your appointment. Please be courteous and call me at 732-344-6950 if you are a few minutes behind.

You have a grace period of 10 days prior to your scheduled appointment to reschedule if necessary.
If a reschedule is necessary, a secondary booking fee will be required and both payments will be applied to your total cost of the tattoo. If a second reschedule is needed, both of your booking fees will be forfeited. Tommy’s professional discretion will apply to all situations regarding rescheduling and cancellations.

PLEASE NOTE: Filling out a tattoo request submission form does NOT guarantee you will be tattooed by Tommy. Due to the number of submissions received, and current works in progress he is unable to tattoo everyone. Although he is unable to tattoo everyone , He has hand selected a team of quality tattoo artists with a range of tattoo styles. Artists portfolios can be viewed here on the website.

Tattoo Request Form

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Tommy Wood’s Portfolio